Welcome to The Civil Affairs Association

Established in 1947

The Civil Affairs Association is a tax exempt Veteran’s Organization operating within the guidelines of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(19). We are the professional association for the United States military’s Civil Affairs community.

Membership requirements mandated by Congress requires at least 75% of the members must be past or present members of the United States Armed Forces. Other members authorized under the IRC Code include Cadets (including only students in college or university ROTC programs or at Armed Services academies) or Spouses, widows, widowers, ancestors or lineal descendants of individuals referenced above.

Our members populate all walks of life, have served or currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States or are their descendants, who have chosen to continue serving the communities where they live.

The Civil Affairs Association encourages your new or continued membership.

Corine Wegener at Walters Art Gallery Program

Civil Affairs Association director and former vice president Corine Wegener recently described her work to rescue art and archives in Iraq. Soon after the United States entered Iraq Corine was called to active duty and sent to Baghdad. Here she assisted the Iraqi national museum staff and worked with an international assistance group to help rescue the looted museum. After arriving in Baghdad to work at the national museum she then was called upon to manage the recovery of discovered Jewish records and religious relics previously held by the Iraqi secret police. In addition to describing her work in Iraq, Corine described her arts, monuments, and archives training of US Army and Marine Corps Civil Affairs personnel. Representing the Civil Affairs Association at Corine’s lecture were David and Paula Mitchell, Wendell Hodgkins, and Dennis and Deloise Wilkie.

Brig Gen Patt Maney, USA, Ret, Receives a Highest Honor for Judges in Florida

Brig Gen Patt Maney, a past President of the Civil Affairs Association and an Okaloosa County, Florida judge, recently received the Harvey Ford Award. This recognition is made each year for just one from more than 300 Florida judges.

Patt has been a leader in many veteran support services and activities. He established the Okaloosa County “standdown”, a one day event where veterans are connected with services they need. He led the support for opening a local Vet Center, and started the state’s first Veterans’ Court. The naming of the “T. Patt Maney Veterans Treatment and Intervention Act” is a recognition of Patt’s leadership and support for our veterans.