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CAA SymposiumEstablished in 1947

The Civil Affairs Association is a Veterans organization serving professionals of the United States’ Civil Affairs community. Our members populate all walks of life, have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, or are the descendants of those who have honorably served and have chosen to continue serving the communities where they live.

As a tax exempt Veteran’s organization, The Civil Affairs Association operates within the guidelines of Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (19). We are organized for educational, professional, fraternal, and social purposes, as well as promoting esprit-de-corps and information dissemination among past and present members of the Armed Services, as well as their descendants.

The Association is further created to serve as an advocate for the Civil Affairs specialty within the Department of Defense to ensure an adequate capability to perform any assigned mission or task involving Civil Affairs and its related activities in support of National Defense.

Membership requirements mandated by Congress requires at least 75% of the members must be past or present members of the United States Armed Forces. Other members authorized under the IRC Code include Cadets (including only students in college or university ROTC programs or at Armed Services academies) or Spouses, widows, widowers, ancestors or lineal descendants of individuals referenced above.

The Civil Affairs Association encourages your new or continued membership.

CAA Symposium 2014

Shaping the Way Forward CAA panel 2014

Panel members:
BG Van Roosen (Director, Institure for Mil Support to Governance)
MG Ammerman (Commander USACA & PSYOPS Command)
Dr. Guttiere (Security and Development Policy Lead at Stanford)
BG Irizarry II (Army Reserve Command G-3/5/7)
LtCol “Rocky” Simon (Director, Marine Corps CMO School)

CA Association hosted symposium on future of CA. Professionals from across the force and IA discussed key issues to ensure CA remains a strategic asset for the future.

– Review of lessons learned from decade of war and identification of critical skills and capabilities for future based on lessons learned.
– Prepare CA for future to remain relevant, to include ability to serve as military government if required and supporting COCOMS.
– Field subject matter experts in functional specialties, such as governance, economics and utilities (essential services), to include how to train and maintain a cadre of SMEs.
– Remain closely tied with Interagency.
– Maintain key capabilities, such as civil recon and civil information management.
– Establish battle rhythm of publishing key issue papers for consideration by CA force.

MG Matthews and COL Kirlin 2014
MG Tom Matthews, former President of Civil Affairs Association, with Col Joseph Kirlin, current President of Civil Affairs Association

Marine Civil Affairs personnel



Marine personnel, left to right:
Col Leonard DeFrancisci, Col John Church, LtCol Mark Thieme, Col Jeffrey Lipson, LtCol Lou “Rocky” Simon

Corine Wegener at Walters Art Gallery Program

Civil Affairs Association director and former vice president Corine Wegener recently described her work to rescue art and archives in Iraq. Soon after the United States entered Iraq Corine was called to active duty and sent to Baghdad. Here she assisted the Iraqi national museum staff and worked with an international assistance group to help rescue the looted museum. After arriving in Baghdad to work at the national museum she then was called upon to manage the recovery of discovered Jewish records and religious relics previously held by the Iraqi secret police. In addition to describing her work in Iraq, Corine described her arts, monuments, and archives training of US Army and Marine Corps Civil Affairs personnel. Representing the Civil Affairs Association at Corine’s lecture were David and Paula Mitchell, Wendell Hodgkins, and Dennis and Deloise Wilkie.