Symposium on the Future of Civil Affairs

The Civil Affairs Association proudly announces their Civil-Military Symposium on “The Future of Civil Affairs” in conjunction with their annual Civil Affairs banquet and meeting.

Friday, November 14th – Saturday, November 15th 2014


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The Civil Affairs Association – Call for Papers

Call for Civil Affairs Issue Papers

“The Future of Civil Affairs”

Civil Affairs has long been a major national strategic capability to transition from war to peace and, more recently, bring together whole-of-nation elements to help mitigate conflict in the first place – that is, to end and prevent wars. The future of Civil Affairs, however, is not entirely certain, given shifts in U.S.foreign and national security policy and another historic defense drawdown under budgetary pressures. The U.S. Navy has already eliminated its Civil Affairs, and intense discussions on Army Civil Affairs have been underway. The 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), and other formations are no doubt facing major existential changes.

In this critical moment, the Civil Affairs Association is reaching out to especially younger officers and NCOs with recent deployment experience to contribute to that discussion by preparing a short Civil Affairs Issue Paper (10 pages, 1.5 or double-spaced, or less) explaining their recommendations on the future of the Civil Affairs force along one or a combination of the following lines: mission, doctrine, and operations; executive and legal authorities and Joint/Service proponent; force design, structure, and management; mix and integration of Active and Reserve Components; recruitment, career management, and education and training; and, interorganizational partnering.
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Protect the People LLC – Call for CVs

Foreign Area Officers (FAOs) and Civil Affairs (CA) Specialists

Protect the People
PTP is a network of subject matter experts (SME) that conduct civil-military training exercises for US, United Nations (UN), and NATO agencies. We provide program of instruction (POI) development, train the trainer modules, classroom briefings, online learning, serious games, simulations, tabletop exercises, lessons learned workshops at headquarters, regional commands, and mission level. PTP specializes in supporting complex operations including humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping.

Call for CVs – Training Assignments
PTP is seeking inactive Foreign Area Officers (FAO) and Civil Affairs (CA) specialists to support training exercises as part of U.S. Government programs to build the capacity of foreign forces. Assignments may be 7-30 days in duration, CONUS or OCONUS and possibly in an insecure environment. Please state your preference if you do not wish to work overseas. Compensation is based on prior work experience.
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Corine Wegener at Walters Art Gallery Program

Civil Affairs Association director and former vice president Corine Wegener recently described her work to rescue art and archives in Iraq. Soon after the United States entered Iraq Corine was called to active duty and sent to Baghdad. Here she assisted the Iraqi national museum staff and worked with an international assistance group to help rescue the looted museum. After arriving in Baghdad to work at the national museum she then was called upon to manage the recovery of discovered Jewish records and religious relics previously held by the Iraqi secret police. In addition to describing her work in Iraq, Corine described her arts, monuments, and archives training of US Army and Marine Corps Civil Affairs personnel. Representing the Civil Affairs Association at Corine’s lecture were David and Paula Mitchell, Wendell Hodgkins, and Dennis and Deloise Wilkie.