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CAA SymposiumEstablished in 1947

The Civil Affairs Association is a Veterans organization serving professionals of the United States’ Civil Affairs community. Our members populate all walks of life, have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, or are the descendants of those who have honorably served and have chosen to continue serving the communities where they live.

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2015 CA Symposium Call for Papers Deadline Extended

2015 Civil Affairs Symposium

Call for Civil Affairs Issue Papers New Deadline

“Civil Affairs: A Force for Engagement and Conflict Prevention”

Civil Affairs (CA) has long been a major national strategic capability that helps transition from war to peace and from military to civilian lead and control after major conflict. Increasingly, however, CA is being required to engage partners to bring together whole-of-nation elements in:

  • emerging security cooperation and security assistance operations performed by General Purpose Forces under the Regionally Aligned Force concept;
  • “building partner capacity” missions, in cooperation with regional and multilateral organizations, partner nations, and possibly National Guard State Partnership Missions; and
  • Special Operations in “persistent engagement.”

In conjunction with Military Information Support and Information Operations (MISO/IO) as well as Foreign Area Officers (FAOs), CA comprises the only part of the Joint Force specifically suited for Peace & Stability Operations under Joint Stability Operations Doctrine and the U.S. Army Functional Concept for Engagement. Especially in Phase 0 (Shape and Influence), they can contribute to conflict analysis, including identifying sources of illicit power as well as the distribution and use of political and informal power, in order to mitigate the drivers of instability and not just threats. All this brings up two questions:

  1. How as such does or should CA contribute to conflict prevention, in coordination with MISO/IO and FAOs as well as an array of government, non-government, and private sector civilian partners and regional and multilateral organizations?
  2. What CA capabilities are required to support engagement in these ways?

The Civil Affairs Association and its partners are therefore reaching out to experienced civil-military operators to contribute to that discussion by preparing a short Civil Affairs Issue Paper (10 pages, 12 font, 1.5 or double-spaced, or less) explaining their recommendations on some or all of the above questions, with additional consideration of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy (DOTMLPF-P), as writers deem appropriate.

The Civil Affairs Association will publish the top five Issue Papers in the 2015-16 Civil Affairs Issue Papers at the Spring 2016 Roundtable. However, it will select the top three papers, likewise based on originality of thought, clarity of presentation, and feasibility of recommendations, for presentation and final voting by participants at the Civil Affairs Symposium in San Antonio, TX this fall.

First prize is a cash award of $500; second prize is $250; and third prize is $100. The deadline for submission of papers is now Friday, 18 September 2015. Send the papers to Colonel (ret.) Christopher Holshek, Civil Issue Papers Editor, at holshek@hotmail.com. For further information and updates, consult the Civil Affairs Association website: http://www.civilaffairsassoc.org/


The Civil Affairs Association in coordination with the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command; the National Defense University Center for Complex Operations; The U.S. Army Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute; The Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations at West Point; the Foreign Area Officer Association; the Reserve Officers Association; and the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition

Attendees at West Point Symposium, March, 2015

Attendees at West Point Symposium, March, 2015


“Civil Affairs: A Force for Engagement and Conflict Prevention”

In conjunction with the annual Civil Affairs Association banquet and meeting

Thursday, November 19 to Saturday, November 22, 2015

At Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas 78234

Invited Keynote Speakers include:
Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center and Deputy Commanding General, Futures, US Army Training and Doctrine Command; and
Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Talley, Commander, U.S. Army Reserve Command

Confirmed Speakers include:
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs Anne A. Witkowsky, and
Dr. Nadia Schadlow, Senior Program Officer, Smith-Richardson Foundation

In addition to key speakers and panel discussions bringing forward key lessons from past operations, Civil Affairs Issue Papers with observations and recommendations on the future Civil Affairs force will be presented for publication after the Symposium. For the Call for Papers, due 14 August 2015, click here

Event Registration
Roundtable registration fee is $35.00 in advance, $40.00 cash upon arrival.
To register in advance, click here: Civil Affairs: A Force for Engagement and Conflict Prevention

Hotel Reservations

Reservations can be made with the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel, San Antonio, TX at a special rate of $115.00 plus tax. Make hotel reservation here: Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel . Rate cut date is 20 October 2015

96th CAB (A) Holds Somalia Campaign Streamer Ceremony

June 19, 2015

By Mr. Jerry Green (USASOC)

Retired Col. Dennis J. Cahill (left) joins retired Lt. Col. Dennis Kennedy and the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. William H. Wilkins, at the Somalia Campaign streamer ceremony, June 12, 2015.

Retired Col. Dennis J. Cahill (left) joins retired Lt. Col. Dennis Kennedy and the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. William H. Wilkins, at the Somalia Campaign streamer ceremony, June 12, 2015.

First Sgt. Steven Welsh, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (A) was narrator during the Somalia Campaign streamer ceremony

First Sgt. Steven Welsh, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (A) was narrator during the Somalia Campaign streamer ceremony

The 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) held a ceremony celebrating the presentation of the Operation RESTORE HOPE campaign streamer, June 12, 2015, at the battalion headquarters, Fort Bragg, N.C.

On September 18, 2014 the Secretary of the Army authorized the Armed Forces Expeditionary campaign streamer for Operations RESTORE HOPE and UNITED SHIELD. The campaign streamer was awarded in recognition of the efforts by members of C Company, 96th CAB during their tour of duty in Somalia.

Arriving in Mogadishu in Dec. 1992, the six civil affairs direct support teams and a company headquarters element were to provide security for the overall humanitarian relief effort occurring at the time.

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Marine Civil Affairs Group Supports USNS Comfort in Caribbean

Master Sergeant John Cuoco

Master Sergeant John Cuoco

The Gleaner, Jamaica, West Indies, May 10, 2015

The United States naval ship, Comfort – a Mercy-class hospital ship – arrived in Kingston early yesterday, a day ahead of its scheduled humanitarian mission to Jamaica.

Thousands of Jamaicans are expected to benefit from free medical, engineering and veterinary services during the May 6-14 exercise, where more than 100 medical personnel, as well as several engineers and other crew members, will carry out humanitarian work at several hospitals, health centres and schools.

“The ship’s main purpose here is to carry out surgeries and medical procedures for those persons in need, as well as engineering work on several schools that are badly in need of repair. We also have some veterinary engagements as well,” Master Sergeant John Cuoco told The Gleaner yesterday.

Cuoco, along with Corporal Philip Henry, a Jamaican – both members of the US Marines Corps with the fourth civil affairs group based in Hialeah, Florida – have been in Jamaica for the past week conducting advanced logistics, coordination and preparation, ahead of the humanitarian ship’s arrival.

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Latest Edition of Peace & Stability Journal Cites Civil Affairs Issue Papers

Volume 5, Issue 3 (April 2105) edition of the U.S. Army Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute’s Peace & Stability Journal features an article on the first of the new series of Civil Affairs Issue Papers. “Civil Affairs Association and PKSOI Launch the First of Issue Papers on ‘The Future of Civil Affairs'” appears on pages 34-36 of the Journal, which can be downloaded at:
Peace and Stability Journal