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Regimental Awards

The Regimental Honors, Awards, and Affiliation Program consists of four different and distinct sub-programs:


The Regimental Honors, Awards and Affiliation Program is intended to recognize those who have contributed to the welfare of the Civil Affairs, Special Forces and Psychological Operations regiments, active or reserve component, as Department of the Army civilians, or in a private capacity. The program further serves as a link between members of the regiments currently serving and those who have separated from service, but continue to advance the interests of their respective regiments. These recognized individuals serve as role models, advocates and public examples to all members of the regiments. Through their sterling example, they enhance unit morale, cohesion and esprit, and promote the war-fighting ethos, unwavering sense of pride and selfless service of today's Soldiers.


Nominees may be active, retired or former officers, warrant officers or enlisted Soldiers who have graduated from the Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations or Special Forces qualification courses (or been awarded the Special Forces tab) and have served in their respective regiment. Nominees must have made significant contributions to the success of their regiment on the battlefield and/or to the training and qualification of new members of the regiment. 

Association Awards

The Civil Affairs Association recognizes persons who have made outstanding contributions to our national defense. These persons are selected for their demonstrated leadership, and for their service in military civil affairs and their furtherance of the goals of the Association.

Colonel Eli E. Nobleman Annual Award for Outstanding Contributions

The Association’s Annual Award has been presented since the beginning days of the Association. The first Annual Award was presented in 1950 to General Mark W. Clark, US Army commander in Europe during World War II.


The Annual Award is presented at the Association’s Annual Conference to a person who has made outstanding contributions in the field of civil affairs. The name of this award has been changed to the Eli E. Nobleman Annual Award to honor Colonel Eli E. Nobleman.

Major General John H. Hilldring Award for Outstanding Civil Affairs Military Service

For Outstanding Contributions to National Defense and contributions to Civil Affairs
General Hilldring was instrumental in the establishment of the Civil Affairs Division in 1943

Colonel Ralph R. Temple Award of the Civil Affairs Association for Outstanding Service in the Furtherance of the Association's Objectives

The original Award was designated as the Civil Affairs Special Award on 6 June 1989, upon the Activation of the Civil Affairs Corps/Regiment. It was renamed to honor Colonel Ralph Temple as the Temple Award in 1992.
The Ralph R. Temple Award is presented to a person who has made outstanding service in the furtherance of the Association’s objectives. The Temple Award was presented to the then-Secretary of the Army, the Honorable John Marsh Jr. of Virginia, in 1992.


Distinguished Service Citation

The Distinguished Service Citation is presented in recognition of distinguished service on behalf of national defense and in furtherance of the objectives of the Association.


Certificate of Appreciation

The Certificate of Appreciation is presented to a person who has contributed outstanding service to the Association.

Previous Association Award Recipients

Colonel Eli E. Nobleman Annual Award of the Civil Affairs Association

for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Civil Affairs

1950   GEN Mark W. Clark    

1951   GEN Lucius D. Clay    
1952   COL Daniel C. Fahey    
1954   BG Frank J. McSherry    
1955   MG John H. Hilldring    
1956   MG William F. Marquat    
1957   COL Ralph R. Temple    
1958   COL Wendell W. Perham    
1959   MG Strom Thurmond    
1960   HON George H. Roderick    
1961   COL Damon M. Gunn   
1963   COL James R. Newman    
1965   COL Robert H. Slover    
1967   COL William R. Swarm   
1970   MG William J. Sutton    
1971   COL Eli E. Nobleman    
1972   BG Lawrence B. Rhode     
1973   MG Milton A. Pilcher    

1974   COL Kalman A. Oravetz    

1975   MR Anthony J. Auletta     

1976   COL Karl S. Landstrom    

1977   GEN Fred C. Weyand    

1978   COL Herman Frankel     

1979   GEN Richard W. Stilwell    

1980   BG Peter D. Hyman

1981   HON Edwin Meese III     

1982   MG William R. Berkman     

1983   BG James P. Harley    

1984   MG Wayne P. Jackson    

1985   COL William F. Hennefer  

1986   COL Ralph R. Young   

1987   GEN Robert C. Kingston    

1988   MG Daniel C. Helix     

1989   MG William F. Ward     

1990   MG Ronald L. Lowe    

1992   BG Donald F. Campbell

1993   HON John O. Marsh Jr.
1994   BG Robert A. Lucas
1995   BG Dennis A. Wilkie
1996   COL Joseph P. Kirlin III
1997   BG Thomas J. Mathews
1998   BG Bruce B. Bingham
1999   COL H. Wendell Hodgkins
2000   GEN John M. Shalikashvili
2001   LTG Thomas J. Plewes
2002   LTG William P. Tangney
2004   HON Andrew S. Natsios
2007   HON James R. Locher III
2008   Hon Michael E. Hess
2009   GEN David H. Petraeus
2012   MG Michael A. Boyd
2013   MG Richard Wightman

2014   GEN Carter F. Ham

2015   LTG Jeffrey W. Talley

2016   GEN Vincent E. Brooks 

2017   MG Kenneth "Ritche" Moore
2018   BG William B. Mason 

2019   MG Dan Ammerman
2020   LTG H.R. McMaster

2021   MG Kurt Sonntag, USA (ret)

2022   LTG Xavier T. Brunson, USA

Major General John H. Hilldring Award of the Civil Affairs Association

for Outstanding Civil Affairs Military Service

2001   BG Bruce B. Bingham

2002   COL Eli E. Nobleman
2003   MG William R. Berkman
2004   BG John H. Kern
2007   BG Thomas “Patt” Maney
2008   BG David N. Blackledge
2009   MG David A. Morris
2011   BG Hugh C. VanRoosen

2012   MG Michael A. Kuehr

2013   COL Gerard Fischer, USMC

2014   Col Leonard J. DeFrancisci, USMC

2015   Col John C. Church, USMC

2016   LTC Arnel David, USA

2017   Col Sean Day, USMC

2018   Gen Anthony C. Zinni, USMC 

2019   LTG Karen Dyson, USA

2020   COL Christopher Holshek

2021   COL Dennis Cahill, USA (ret)

2022   Colonel Joseph P. Kirlin, III, USA (ret)

Colonel Ralph R. Temple Award of the Civil Affairs Association

for Outstanding Service in the Furtherance of the Association's Objectives

1992   HON John O. Marsh Jr.

1993   LTC William Kurylchek

1994   LTC James F. Powers

1995   COL W. Irwin Lindley

1996   COL Dennis C. Barlow

1997   COL John H. Donnelly

1998   COL Jack J. Basil Jr.

1999   COL Joseph W. Meyer

2000   COL John W. Geiger

2001   MSG George A. VanSant

2002   COL Daniel R. Williams

2004   COL Albert P. Grupper

2007   COL David C. Mitchell

2008   COL R. Alan King

2009   COL Norman L. Cotton

2011   COL Douglas E. Nash

2012   COL Richard P. “Phil” Stage

2013   MAJ Corine Wegener

2014   COL Christopher J. Holshek

2015   COL Daniel A. Pinnell

2016   COL Mike Dudley  

2017   COL Larry Rubini

2018   COL Edgar Seely 

2019   CSM William Grocott
2020   CSM Patrick McDonald

2021   Mr. Ryan McCannell

2022   COL Jay Liddick, USA

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