CA Issue Papers

The Civil Affairs Issue Papers are the Association’s primary contribution to the intellectual capitalization, innovation, force development, and integration of the Civil Affairs Regiment.

They help the civil affairs community of practice communicate to the relevant community of policy on the findings and recommendations from its annual thematic discussions, at the fall Symposium and spring Roundtable, on issues the Regiment shares with critical military, interagency, allied, and other unified action partners. The non-official Issue Papers and Roundtable Reports serve as source documents to enrich the formal institutional processes of CA force development along the lines of policy, doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF-P).


In addition to helping the Regiment become a better learning organization, these deliverables enable CA professionals from all corners to leverage their rich diversity and experience to find a common narrative for many audiences. Along with other Association communication platforms, they facilitate those with the greatest stake in their Regiment’s future – whether active, reserve, special operations and conventional, and Army or Marine – to have a greater say in it.


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Civil Affairs Roundtable Reports