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Member Benefits

From updates on the CA Corps to savings for your pocketbook, CAA has your back. Sign up online.

Join us in advancing the profession of arms and national defense. Participate in our many opportunities to help strengthen the CA Corps to secure the victory.


- Tells the CA and CIMIC story and forward its causes through its events, Civil Affairs Issue Papers, online CA Journal and One CA podcasts, briefings and notes, social media
- Convenes leaders and partners in a collegial setting to foster civil affairs intellectual capitalization and innovation, force development and integration, and advance our identity and narrative
- Enables those from all corners of the Regiment to have a voice in the future of their force
- Helps mainstream civil affairs into the larger discussion of Service, Joint Force, and Defense development through its platforms, publications, and outreach
- Preserves Regimental heritage and historical legacy for future generations

Professional Development
- Provides professional networking platforms and links to training, education, and business opportunities through Association events, corporate sponsors, the CA Marketplace, and social media
- Provides public discussion and publication opportunities and assistance through Association platforms and the Publications Advisory Board and Research Library
- Provides news and information on civil affairs and related developments
- Provides leadership experience opportunities on the Association Board and through internships


Personal Recognition
- Promotes Regimental awards and provides Association awards – see Awards for more info
- Provides Regimental bling and paraphernalia, available at Association events and through membership.

AUSA Benefits for CAA Members

CAA members receive a 1-year membership from the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).


This provides you with a digital subscription to AUSA’s professional development publications, like ARMY Magazine and AUSA News. If you are already a member of AUSA, this membership will be in addition to your current AUSA membership.

CAA members are eligible for the member savings programs of AUSA. Access the savings online at

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