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Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute Call for Lessons

Do you have insight about or personal experience in Allies and Partners in Peace and Stability Efforts to share?

Please submit a lesson about your insight/experience to PKSOI for potential publication! Send your submission directly to the PKSOI Lessons Learned Analyst at by March 26, 2024.

Lessons topics may range from multinational interoperability through the

mission partner environment and may include aspects of security force assistance and cooperation—or anything relevant to YOU in your allied and partner relationships—that enhanced or hindered the effectiveness or efficiency of the mission or operation.

Call For Lessons:

What is a lesson? A “Lesson” is a key insight or best practice written in this standard format: Observation, Discussion, and Recommendation. Here is a sample lesson:

Observation: (1 or 2 paragraphs; key insight on topic / main point on what was learned) Example: “Linking Partnering concerns in program design can prevent duplication and help to synchronize objectives & activities.“

Discussion: (3-10 paragraphs explaining the experience; can be based on mission experience, training event, studies/reports, or a combination thereof) Example: “As discussed in the following cases, when Partnering programs were disconnected and lacked clear definition of objectives & responsibilities, various adverse consequences were seen. ...“

Recommendations: (1-3 key recommendations for international/national/local stakeholders such as government, military, or civil society personnel)Example: “Partnering programs should be deigned in a synchronized manner and with understanding of potential effects on local dynamics.”


(If recommendations are/are not followed, then what?) Example: “If Partnering programs are not designed with connectivity in mind, then problems of duplication or conflicting activities may result.”


Contact the PKSOI Lessons Learned Analyst at for more information.

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