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What are Key LAGER Engagements?

Key Leader Engagements or KLEs are an important aspect of Civil Affairs Operations and provide a medium for Civil Affairs personnel to engage directly with individuals of authority that represent a spectrum of contextual roles within society.  KLEs are vital for understanding the human terrain of a given operating environment as well as building rapport with local populations and institutions. 


Eunomia Journal’s “Key LAGER Engagement” series strives to serve similar functions as its operational counterpart by providing a forum for the Eunomia Team to engage in constructive dialogue with prominent authors from academia, policy, and fiction and most importantly, do so in a lighthearted environment over drinks.  Key Lager Engagements enable members of the Civil Affairs Association and Eunomia Journal subscribers to better understand new topics, theories, and concepts that can potentially impact or improve the capacity of all our members’ professional lives in a fun and engaging way.

These KLE sessions will be 90 minutes in length and hosted live on the CAA online Zoom webinar conference software. Registration is required and can be done here. These sessions will be hosted by James Micciche, Kevin Chapla, and Kyle Staron, who prefer to be called collectively as the “The Three Wise-enough Men” who will lead a semi-structured discussion with the author of a recently published book while indulging in libations of their choice.  The Three Wise-enough men will be occasionally joined by up to two additional CAA members who will serve as guest hosts based on subject matter of the guest author’s work.  The hosts will have read the book in advance and have prepared some questions which they will share with the guests in advance but will primarily keep the conversation light and impromptu and there will be a Q&A session for those in the audience to engage with the author.


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