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About Eunomia


Eunomia was the Greek goddess of law, governance, and good order. Ancient Greeks believed she upheld civil order and maintained the internal stability of polities and city-states from the malign efforts of Dysnomia the goddess of chaos and lawlessness.  Eunomia personifies the charge of Civil Affairs elements who bring order, balance, and stability to the inherently chaotic environment of war and its aftermath.  Eunomia’s endeavor to facilitate peace, justice, and lawful governance represents the efforts of Civil Affairs elements across the entire spectrum of operations and throughout the competition continuum.    

Within the logo, Eunomia grasps a scroll in one hand, while wielding a sword at the ready in the other.  This juxtaposition represents the bifurcated nature of the warrior-diplomats of the Civil Affairs regiment, who coexist between the realms of conflict and cooperation and regularly strive to expand their understanding of both.  The color purple mirrors the regimental insignia, which in turn draws its lineage from the long-standing association of purple with political power.  Finally, the olive branches highlight the role of Civil Affairs in “securing the victory” of durable peace after war’s conclusion.

Eunomia Journal branding developed by the Editorial Board and digitally designed by Angelina A. David


The Civil Affairs Association's Eunomia Journal is published electronically at the liberty of the editorial board, with content provided by all Civil Affairs' components and partners, provides a forum for professional debate and discussion about the contemporary issues within the Civil Affairs Corps, and promotes the strategic use and understanding of CA by military commanders, policymakers, and partners through concise, innovative articles, podcasts and forum discussions.

Editorial Board

Senior Advisors

Arnel P. David

Glenn Goddard

Daniel Ammerman

Christopher Stockel

Dr. John Church

Douglas 'Alan' McKewan

Bud Yarbrough

James Jabinal

Diana Parzik

Ryan Robert

Anthony Weiss


Robert Schafer


Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Shafi Saiduddin

Managing Editors

Diana X. Moga

Kyle Staron

Kevin H. Chapla

John McElligott

Assad Raza

Rob Boudreau

Benjamin F. Ordiway

Jahn Olson

Sean Acosta

Experts Circle

Dr. Sean McFate

Dr. Aleksandra Nesic

Dr. Nicholas Krohley

Dr. Dana Eyre

Dr. Karen Guttieri

Ralph DiTrocchio

Morgan Keay

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