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The FAOA Journal Wants You!

Call for Papers, Editorials, News from the Field, and Sponsored Content

As a peer reviewed journal by and for foreign affairs professionals, we have curated thoughtful geopolitical analysis, policy advice, and career opportunities over the years.

We want more of it and to make it more interactive for our members working in strategic locations all around the globe.

FAOs are communicators, and the perspectives of FAOs are valuable to decision makers. Please consider contributing to the canon of FAO scholarship, perspective and council with any of the following:

  1. Academic papers and Abstracts

  2. Timely explanation of geopolitical events from a FAO perspective

  3. White papers and Info papers

  4. Respectful editorial

  5. “News from the Field” - a short story about deployment and lessons learned, with pictures

  6. Written interviews with key leaders

  7. Transcribed fireside chats on timely issues

  8. Sponsored content

  9. And more… shoot us a suggestion and we will discuss it

We love pictures if you have them, but we can only use them if there are no copyright restrictions.

Anything longer than 8 pages in a Word document is probably going to be too large for distribution via the Journal, but we can send out an abstract and make the full paper available on request.

Everything gets reviewed by our Editorial Board. We screen for basic errors and also allow FAOs from the region to weigh in if issues are in debate. Once the article is approved to publish by the Board, it gets scheduled to go out via email and to be published at

We will be upgrading the image of the online journal (and FAOA website) and including new interactive features soon, so stay tuned!

We are also thinking about going back to printing an annual magazine version for those who want something to put on the embassy coffee table.

So, if you haven’t written for us before, or in a while, welcome to the team!

Shoot your draft to to begin the process.

Kind Regards

Graham Plaster

Editor in Chief, FAOA Journal

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