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Ninth Volume of the Civil Affairs Issue Papers Is Out!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The Civil Affairs Association has published Volume 9 of the Civil Affairs Issue Papers on “Civil Affairs: A Force for Winning without Fighting.”

In addition to an extensive report on the Symposium last fall are the five papers selected for publication, including:

  • “The Power of the People: Civil Affairs and Civil Resistance” by Captain Daniel Moriarty

  • “Reclaiming Civil Affairs as a Strategic Asset: Identifying ‘Deep Expertise’ for the Benefit of the Army” by Lieutenant Colonel JohnPaul LeCedre

  • “Civil-Military Operations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Major Tony Smith

  • “Refining the Civil Affairs Value Proposition: Governance in the Modern Operation Environment,” by Captain John Wirges

  • “Social Sciences Contribution to Civil Affairs,” by Captain John McLaughlin

The Civil Affairs Issue Papers series forms the Civil Affairs Association’s capstone to deepen and broaden the formal processes for CA force development along the lines of policy, doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF-P). Now entering their 10th year of advancing a more strategic, comprehensive, and integrative understanding of CA, they also contribute to fostering a learning organization that must go beyond military command structures and the CA Corps, including allied and counterpart civil-military organizations and interorganizational partners.

While the findings, opinions and recommendations of this singular source document are representative of the extended family of the CA Corps, they do not represent official opinion of any kind. This document enables operator input to the CA proponent offices and Army, Marine, and joint commands and institutions, on professional and force development issues, giving voice to those with the greatest stake in the future of their enterprise. These papers are also increasingly read at major service, joint command and defense policy levels. Thanks to AUSA, this has become even more possible.

The Papers are downloadable from the Association website.

Beyond this capstone publication, the Association offers additional discussion and discovery all year-round on the Eunomia Journal online, the One CA podcast series, its YouTube channel as well as on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and other social media.

While one goal is to mainstream CA into the larger discussions of the Army, Marine, joint force and national security issues, the other is to help improve CA professional cognitive and communication skills as a function of intellectual readiness and building human capital and learning networks.

In addition to the fall Symposium, the Association runs an online Roundtable every spring. For more, go to the Civil Affairs Association website.

And remember to subscribe or update your member profile.


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