It’s Time to Amend the Oath of Enlistment

Posted with permission from From the Green Notebook

On January 12th, the Joint Chiefs of Staff urged all service-members to “remain fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution […].” The memorandum also commands service-members to “keep your eyes on the horizon.” Unfortunately, if you are looking toward the Capitol, non-scalable fencing and concertina wire currently mar that horizon.

Civil servants, military service-members, those holding political office, and the rest of the “We” in “We the People” must unite in stewardship to the Constitution if we are to have a functioning democracy. We owe it to our country to see the horizon as a vision of aspiration instead of desolation.

For those also in public service, now is a time to reflect on the oath we took. Often, when measuring our performance against our respective oath, our performance needs amendment. And while I have often personally found that to be true, when reflecting on the two oaths, perhaps this time it’s the oath that needs amending rather than the behavior.

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About the Author

Benjamin Ordiway is a Civil Affairs Officer currently pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Michigan. He enlisted as a Cavalry Scout in the Army in 2004 and received his commission as an Armor Officer from the United States Military Academy in 2012.