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AUSA Noon Report - Getting Competition Wrong: The U.S. Military's Looming Failure

Civil Affairs Association members are featured in the upcoming Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Noon Report.

AUSA’s Noon Report webinar series features presentations by senior Army leaders responsible for key programs and initiatives, as well as contemporary military authors who weave together the past, present and future story of the United States Army.

Please join the webinar on Wednesday, 22 June, at 1200 EDT, to hear a presentation by the three authors of “Getting Competition Wrong: The U.S. Military’s Looming Failure.” Authors Colonel Arnel David, First Sergeant Sean Acosta and Dr. Nicholas Krohley, in a discussion moderated by moderated by Civil Affairs expert Brigadier General (Ret.) Christopher Stockel, will detail how buzzwords such as “lethality” and “large-scale combat operations” are driving the Army’s budget.

Such terminology, they argue, risks not understanding or resourcing necessary realignments of the intelligence architecture that, properly understood, could integrate contextual understanding of the playing field into our opponent-centric lens. In addition, the authors will describe two critical challenges facing the U.S. Army: how to understand this new environment, and how to optimize its forces to compete within it.

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