2020 CA Reading List

A reading list for 'Warrior Diplomats'

Eunomia Journal’s Editorial Board has created a Civil Affairs-specific reading list to support the community's professional development. The list was created as a collaborative effort between the editorial board and the leadership of the Civil Affairs Association.

This reading list will solve most of your problems during the lockdown for COVID-19 in each of its sections. The first section is Civil Affairs Foundations. This section is comprised of ten books that will build your professional knowledge in world affairs, foreign policy, and geopolitics. The second section allows you to mentally escape your lockdown by learning about each COCOM that you may deploy to. Lastly, there is a Curios section of books that will give you a break from military reading to learn lessons from genres like anthropology and science fiction.

Since this reading list will be a regular project for Eunomia and the Civil Affairs community, we invite you to share your thoughts and recommendations on Twitter @EunomiaJ. We would love for this list to start discussions that move the community forward.

Eunomia Journal Team

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