CA Proponent Updates

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The civil affairs proponent director, formerly known as the Commandant, was changed to "Proponent Manager" and the position downgraded from colonel to lieutenant colonel, as a result of moving the CA Force Modernization Directorate to the USASOC Force Modernization Center. The Civil Affairs Association welcomes Lt. Col. Scott Dickerson to that new role.

These changes are explained in the latest CA Proponent Newsletter.

Several of the following updates were discussed at the CA Symposium in October. They include: significant upgrades to a unified civil information management system, including a Commercial Civil Affairs Solution – Army (CCAS-A) capability; an update on the Civil Affairs Force Modernization Assessment process; doctrinal updates; the survival of both the 83rd CA Battalion and CA staffing in the new Army corps headquarters design (for now); and personnel management changes and recruiting initiatives.

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