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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Here are a few jobs which may interest you or someone you know.

Program Manager, National Capital Region (full job description): Mission Essential is currently seeking a Task Order Program Manager who will be responsible for all project or program-related execution and operations, ensuring delivery of services and management/oversight of the direct workforce on a program providing counterterrorism, identity intelligence, watchlisting, biometrics and other analytical support to national-level defense intelligence operations in a watch environment.

Warning Analyst, National Capital Region (full job description): The successful candidate will be able to conduct all-source intelligence production to identify threats to U.S. interests and strategic warning to defense and national security policy makers; mitigating surprise and supports shaping strategic outcomes; guiding the development of U.S. defense capabilities; identifying and analyzing defense-related economic, social, political, scientific and technological trends; and executing directed tasks. Conduct research and analysis of data, information, and intelligence to produce a wide range of finished all-source intelligence products for senior U.S. defense department and government officials that are in accordance with analytical standards.

Threat Finance Analyst, National Capital Region (full job description): The successful candidate will be able to conduct all-source forensic accounting analysis and production, by fusing financial / transactional data from formal banking systems, financial reports, and other forms of reporting as a layer of analysis for TOC (Transnational Organized Crime) missions. Analyze specific foreign financial activities including threat financiers, facilitators, and financial networks / operations associated with, but not limited to, terrorism, CD, narco-terrorism, counterintelligence, insurgency, proliferation, and operational activity which threatens US national security interests and produce finished all-source analytic products that meet Tradecraft Standards.

Counterdrug & Transnational Organized Crime Analyst, National Capital Region (full job description): The successful candidate will provide in-depth analysis of Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) networks, capabilities, and intentions. Will be able to develop and maintain expertise on DTOs operating within Latin America and their ability to disrupt stability and undermine governance in the region. Must be able to interpret large amounts of textual and technical data and produce finished intelligence. Representative examples include, but are not limited to: Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs), finished intelligence (FINTEL), filtered real-time data feeds, message traffic, directed-searches results, and task specific, specialized data sources.

We thank the Foreign Area Officers Association (FAOA), a partner of the CA Association, for sharing the job opportunities.


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