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Association Launches Professional Development Resource

Updated: Feb 8, 2020


As a service to its members, the Civil Affairs Association has prepared a Learning Resources page that provides sources of education and training for CA professionals accessible through their personal workstations.

Visit the Education & Training page under the "RESOURCES" tab of the Association website or go directly to the Learning Resources page. Access is limited to members with log-in credentials.

The Learning Resource page is organized in two parts. The first lists resources as part of or related to the Joint and Army Profession Military Education (PME) systems that can improve CA abilities to work in Joint, Interorganizational or Multinational environments.

The second part is an exhaustive list of non-PME related and non-U.S. sources for professional development well beyond standard military programs. It contains open sources of information for mission preparation and improvement of mission-related situational awareness and understanding, area studies, etc. Such information is critical to CA success in regions and operational areas regardless of mission. It is also helpful for those conducting research for papers and articles.

Contribute Learning Resources

Additions to the page are most welcome by sending an email to the Association through the webpage. When doing so, please include links to the source pages cited.

Coming Soon

The next member benefit to come will be the "CA Marketplace," designed to help Association members improve their professional and business networking. The CA Marketplace will come online sometime after the Civil Affairs Symposium in Tampa, FL. Click here to find registration information for the CA Symposium.

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