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A Year of "One CA" Podcast Episodes

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The One CA podcast has published a year's worth of episodes. Launched in April of 2018, One CA has grown into the go-to podcast for anything Civil Affairs. Sponsored by the Civil Affairs Association, episodes are produced by NCOs and junior officers of the Regiment.

We thank you for listening! Please tell your friends and colleagues. We also thank everyone who agreed to be interviewed. They shared a great deal with the Civil Affairs and national security communities.

Have a suggested topic or person we should interview? Want to assist in producing One CA? Email us today.

Recent episodes include:

o Nicholas Krohley on Human Terrain and CA Integration

o Dale Yeager with Travel Safety Tips

o Cori Wegener on Cultural Heritage Preservation

o Major General Darrell Guthrie of USACAPOC (A)

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