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Latest CA Proponent Newsletter

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Civil Affairs Proponent

The 2nd Quarter Civil Affairs Proponent Newsletter is out, with the following updates of interest:

  • The CA Functional Area Analysis (FAA) was completed on 5 April, 2019; the Functional Needs Analysis (FNA) to determine the gaps in CA capability across​ DOTMLPF-P spectrum to be done in June; and the Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA), set for October 2019, will determine how CA and the​ Army will address these capability gaps

  • The new FM 3-57, Civil Affairs Operations reflecting TRADOC directive to address shortfalls in consolidation and alignment with FM 3-0, is out as of 17 April - a copy is posted in the Association Research Library; the Proponent will now go forward on updates to: ATP 3-57.50, Civil Information Management; ATP 3-57.60, Civil Affairs​Planning; and ATP 3-57.70, Civil-Military Operations Center.

Make sure any recommendations you may have, including upcoming articles or Issue Papers, are forwarded to the CA Proponent in time for consideration. See the newsletter for more information.


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