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New Publication Board and Research Library

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Dr. Kurt Mueller

Photo above is Dr. Kurt Mueller announcing the Publication Board and Research Library Effort.

The Civil Affairs Association continues to expand its value to its members. This month we established the CAA Professional Publications Advisory Board and a supporting Research Library.

Founded by the late Dr. Kurt E. Mueller, Col., U.S. Army Civil Affairs (Ret.), the Civil Affairs Association Professional Publications Advisory Board comprises scholars and policy and publications experts to assist civil affairs professionals in publishing papers and articles in established professional journals to achieve the following outcomes:

• Promote individual CA officer and NCO professional development and Civil Affairs Regiment intellectual capitalization through the provision of advisory services, research resources, and platforms to that end

• Strengthen and refine strategic narratives to tell the civil affairs story to audiences within and beyond the Regiment who have impact on the development and future of civil affairs

• Mainstream the discussion of civil affairs in larger explorations of national strategy, security, and defense policy and operations, interagency and interorganizational partnering, in addition to joint and service force development.

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The Research Library

As a service to Association members, the Board also provides a Research Library to conduct research on academic or professional papers and professional journal articles. Association members are most welcome to suggest additional references (including previous papers and articles they have published) by sending the published version, in pdf format, to the Board at

The Board

Board members are available to advise and assist CA professionals in conceptualization, preparation, and publication of academic or professional papers and articles. See which Board member(s) may be of greatest help and request their assistance by emailing the Board.

Board members include:

o Brig. Gen. Glenn A. Goddard, U.S. Army, Deputy Director, Military Programs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Board Chairman

o Dr. Dana Eyre, Lt. Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army Civil Affairs, System of System Analytics, Inc. strategist, analyst, and program manager – Board Academic Advisor

o Dr. Karen Guttieri, Associate Professor, Air University eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education – Board Academic Advisor

o Dr. John Church, Col. (Ret.) USMC Civil Affairs, former President, Valley Forge Military Academy – Board Marine Corps Advisor [TBC]

o Dennis J. Cahill, Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army Civil Affairs, Director, Civil Affairs Force Modernization at Civil Affairs Branch Proponent, U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center & School – Board Army and Doctrinal Advisor

o Larry Rubini, Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army Civil Affairs – Research Reference Librarian

o Lt. Col. Arnel P. David, U.S. Special Assistant to the Chief of the General Staff for the British Army and Association Eastern Vice President – Professional Publications Advisor

CA professionals may request reviews of paper and article drafts or other advice and assistance, either from the Board in general or from a specific Board member, by emailing


Professional journals of interest include but are not limited to those listed below. The Board strongly advises CA professionals research these publications (click on the publication name to obtain editorial interests and schedules and publication requirements) in order to determine which of them may best fit the purpose and design of their article, prior to seeking Board review or advice.

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