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A Utopian or Dystopian Future, or Merely Muddling Through?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

3 - 4 April 2018 SMA Conference

Joint Base Andrews, Jacob E. Smart Building

“A Utopian or Dystopian Future, or Merely Muddling Through?”

Jointly with DHS, DNI/NIC, and NCTC

The SMA team would like to highlight the Graduate Student Poster session that will take place during the 2018 SMA Annual Conference. Please see the attached Graduate Poster Session Booklet for a list of the graduate students and their poster abstracts! Additionally, included is the latest Conference Agenda (tentative), Biography Booklet, and information for hotels and maps.

All are invited to the 11th Annual SMA Conference on April 3rd and 4th 2018 at the Jacob E. Smart Conference Center at Joint Base Andrews (JBA), Maryland. There will be no fees to attend this conference.

If you haven’t done so yet, please RSVP directly to Mariah Yager, Please include your name, citizenship, preferred salutation/rank, agency/organization, email, and telephone number.

We look forward to your attendance and participation in the 2018 conference.

The conference theme is "A Utopian or Dystopian Future, or Merely Muddling Through?" A brief description of the theme is as follows:

“This Conference will assess what today we rightly or wrongly perceive as historically unprecedented changes from the perspectives of politics and history, sociology, biology, information science, and technological innovation. There is a large body of scientific work that supports the notion that human societies are complex adaptive systems with emergent properties that contain core commonalities, but the actions of which cannot be predicted with certainty. Given the properties of human cognition and social behavior, the question remains: How might nations and societies best position themselves to prepare for and manage the risks associated with rapid change under conditions of fundamental uncertainty? Conference speakers and panelists will address these issues relevant to key domains and dimensions of global security.”

You can find additional information regarding the conference at:


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