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New CA Podcast

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Civil Affairs Podcast

“We have a marketing problem.”

— Major General Kurt L. Sonntag

2017 Civil Affairs Symposium in Chicago

The CA Association is proud to announce the “One CA” podcast. Junior leaders have stepped up to answer the call and address the general’s concern above. They developed this oral platform to share experiences and stories across the regiment to accelerate learning in narrative form.

Podcasts are a useful way to integrate professional development into your commute, while working out, or any other convenient listening time. Currently, no platform exists to connect and share stories across the CA force (Army and Marine Corps). CA operators return home from challenging assignments with valuable insights and lessons learned. This podcast aims to broadcast those lessons widely to ensure the regiment continues to be a learning organization.

Civil Affairs Association

The podcast will include thinkers and leaders from not only the military but academia, industry, and interagency as well. Discussions will highlight cutting-edge scholarship, technology, and opportunities applicable to Civil Affairs.

Here is a quick review of the kick-off for 2018:

Episode 1: “Artificial Intelligence for HA/DR Operations” Dr. Jon May from University of Southern California, Information Science Institute.

Episode 2: “Marine Corps Civil Affairs” Colonel Valerie A. Jackson from 4th Civil Affairs Group, Miami, Florida.

Listen on SoundCloud here


Do you have a story to share or have a potential interviewee for a future podcast? Email us!

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