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Learning to Show an Assessment of Results in a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation involves a global study of theoretical aspects, as well as an analysis of the real situation within the framework of the issue under study with the aim of its optimal and effective solution. An important aspect of scientific work is the results obtained and the ways of their interpretation.

The process of creating a dissertation research

The author of the dissertation research will not only have to describe the course of obtaining: what he proposed and undertook, what results he received, but also correctly evaluate the effectiveness of the idea, the possibility of using his concept in the future in science or industry.

Varieties of results in the dissertation

What is submitted for the defense of the HAC commission by the dissertation student: the whole work or individual moments? It is impossible to fully familiarize yourself with the course of the entire study in 10-15 minutes. Therefore, in a defensive speech, the dissertation student should focus on key points: purpose, tasks, subject and object, problem, working methods, key works and proposed solutions to the problem.

Moreover, it is advisable to pay the greatest attention to the author's recommendations: the proposed activities and the results obtained. The more effective the results, the higher the probability of a positive outcome of the dissertation defense and the award of a scientific degree. The main task of the author of the dissertation is to correctly reflect the results obtained. Moreover, his idea should be supported by additional scientific impulses: articles, monographs, scientific reports on the chosen topic.

The results of the dissertation can be presented in two forms. The first one is theoretical. This kind of results of scientific research is manifested in humanitarian, theoretical studies, where the practical part is reduced solely to the analysis of the situation: the assessment of the operation of concepts in modern conditions, the determination of their effectiveness and expediency, the possibilities of application and improvement. It is important to note that theoretical results will be present in any work (for example, in conclusions by chapters). Practical results are inherent only in applied areas.

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