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Studying Every Night

The general rule of thumb is that you need to study one hour for every hour you spend in class. The percentage goes up if you are working in a lab science. Falling behind is very easy when you look at this kind of time requirement. Because a lot of people do social things in the evening, block out some time in the early afternoon or the morning to study. That way, you can avoid a lot of neck pain from being hunched over a computer during an all nighter, and instead enjoy many more evenings free of stress.

Drop Classes Early

If you get the idea that you are not ready for a class or that it is not the right fit for you, drop it as soon as you know. You may be able to tough it out, but it will make for a bad semester. This will prevent you from wasting time and needing to take a class over again. College classes are much harder than high school classes, and there’s no shame in recognize when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew as far as your course load goes.

Organize Your Day

When you are getting ready for your day, stop and think about what needs to happen. You may need to get to class, to get to work, to study and to talk with an advisor. This is a very common problem for college students; in fact, many students feel that some professors do not even like their students and live only to give out bad grades; needless to say this is a troubling concern for students already suffering from exam stress! There are several reasons a professor may seem unapproachable but a few changes in the way you interact with these teachers may give you better results. Here are some tips for dealing with difficult professors that can also be used for dealing with difficult situations beyond college in the workplace, and in life! Those are the things that are absolutely necessary. After that, fill in the space with things that you want to do if there is time. This helps you stay on task and remain target-oriented.

Weigh Each Option

You are going to get a lot of interesting opportunities when it comes to socializing in college. People will want you to head out to public areas to socialize or to come over to their dorms or apartments, and part of college is finding yourself through interacting with others. However, before you agree to anything, weigh the options. Do not jump on an opportunity simply because it is there. Think for a moment, and consider whether you would be neglecting anything that needs to be done. Compromise by suggesting that you will come and join people later if you need to. It is also important

By getting enough sleep, creating goals for yourself, and taking things slowly, you can avoid the pitfalls of freshman year, and come back prepared and excited as a sophomore.

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