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‘Change - Like building a bridge between emotio and ratio'

>40 years cross cultural experience in a diversity of sectors: profit, non-profit, education, youth work, cure & care, as well as development aid and military marketing. As a result: I literally worked across borders. All part of my lecturing and advisory practice.

While developing, changing, educating, or performing research, mankind's passion and drive is the focal point.

Based on my Benedictan Rhineland orientation, on 'Learning by doing' and 'Learning by reflection': 'Think-->Feel-->Want--> Act'. Thus: 'A life long learning'.

'A life long learning' in my case is expressed by graduating in 2009 on a Master of Business Administration (MBA), in 2015 on a Master of Education (MEd; Learning & Innovation), in 2018 on the Postgraduate Certificate Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCE) and FHEA, Fellow Higher Education Academy (2019).

Focal subject: people's behavior in organisations on (thus...) achieving results.

Recent tasks:

- Development School of Education, cooperation Wittenborg University (NLD) & University of Brighton (UK)

- Re-development external relations programme, academic supervision programme

- Change and organisational interventions by means of e.g. adult education and 'Learning by experience' on the implementation and migration of Enterprise Resources Planning system (SAP) among the Dutch military forces;

- Development and education of senior and junior leaders in profit and non-profit organisations;

- Interim- en project management in e.g. change, development, education, marketing (profit, non-profit, military);

- Marketing research and consultancy on strategic, tactical and operational levels, both in profit and non-profit sectors;

- Education and training: Masterclasses Leadership; development on doctrine on military marketing and behavioral influence operations.

- Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)

- Member of the British Educational Research Association (UK)

- Member of the Bildung Academie (NLD)

- Member of The Civil Affairs Association (USA), since December 9, 2004

- Member of the European Bildung Network (EUR)

- Senior Fellow of the 20/20 Vision Program and Network - 'From Risk to Resilience' (INT)

With warm regards,

Bert Meeuwsen MBA, MEd, PGCE, FHEA, LtCol RNLAF (h.d.)

Bert Meeuwsen