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National Geographic Answer Book Pdf Download wasyfou




The size and content of each spread is variable, depending upon what the answer book thinks the reader will be most interested in. The contents of each spread have been compiled by a commission of leading thinkers, scientists, and naturalists. Format The size of each spread in the Answer Book varies from a standard poster size to a broadside, being designed to hold most of the information that a reader would need to find in one single reading. Contents The Answer Book lists the key facts on a topic that a reader would want to know. Each spread usually includes a paragraph summarizing the key points, as well as a list of references for further reading. The authors of each spread explain their personal views on the subject, and include references and sources for further study. History Preparation of the Answer Book began in 1927, when President Calvin Coolidge appointed a National Geographic Society Commission to prepare a World Atlas of geography. The Commission was composed of members from the society, the National Geographic Society of Paris, and the University of Chicago. The resulting atlas was entitled the World Atlas and the University of Chicago Press published it in 1932. A second commission, this time of people from the United States and Great Britain, was established in 1932. While not the same people as the first commission, this second commission also included faculty from the University of Chicago. The resulting atlas was a revised and expanded edition of the first. While preparing the atlas, the Commission produced the World Book Encyclopedia for children and National Geographic Magazine. In 1938, World Book published a series of books under the title National Geographic Answer Book. Published on a more regular schedule than the World Book Encyclopedia, the Answer Book was a separate series, written by separate groups of authors. Each answer book was written and compiled by a different group of authors. The first group to be commissioned included President Calvin Coolidge, Senator William Borah, and Geographic Board member Admiral Henry M. Goldsborough. In addition to the National Geographic Society, the commission also included the School of Geography and Statistics of the University of Chicago, and the University of Chicago Press. The



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National Geographic Answer Book Pdf Download wasyfou

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