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The Winfield Scott Awards Program Reinvigorated

Do you know a CA Superstar who deserves to be recognized??

The Civil Affairs Association is proud to announce it has taken over the Winfield Scott Awards Program.

We are seeking nominations of outstanding contributors to our profession to honor past and present Civil Affairs Soldiers who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, moral character, an outstanding degree of professional competence, and have contributed to the promotion and advancement of the Corps.

Nomination Criteria has been updated to capture the outstanding efforts at all ranks and spans operations that are happening at all levels. There are three levels of awards:

Bronze: Outstanding work at the CA Team Level and higher

Silver: Outstanding work impacting at the highest levels

Gold: Lifetime Achievement award for those whose career contributions have directly impacted the branch in significant ways.

For more information on the Winfield Scott Regimental Awards to include templates and nomination criteria, please visit the awards page or email here.

Nominators and Nominees must be Civil Affairs Association members. Not a member? Click here now.



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