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Symposium to Finish Strong with Civil Affairs Issue Papers

Among the findings of previous Symposia was how the CA Corps must extend well beyond military and even interagency structures to foster a wider, global civil-military learning organization, especially in becoming a greater force for influence in competition. Likewise, to build institutional efficacy and value-added to supported commands, as well as improve strategic and operational strategic awareness, that interorganizational outreach must look to help build an industrial base for civil-military operations in applied social sciences and related technologies.

Strategic awareness and institutional learning for CA professionals continues on the third and final day of the Symposium. Wednesday the 7th begins with a panel webinar on Allied and multinational perspectives on civil-military engagement and influence. Civil affairs officer Lieutenant General Hugh Van Roosen, Deputy Military Advisor at the United Nations, leads with an update on major innovations on civil-military coordination (CIMIC) influence in UN peace operations.

Facilitated by Distinguished Member of the Civil Affairs Corps Christopher Holshek, Colonel, U.S. Army Civil Affairs (Ret.), further updates on similar civil-military force developments and initiatives – especially with regard to influence operations – will also come from the NATO CIMIC Center of Excellence, British Army Land Warfare Center, and Canadian Army Influence Activities Task Force.

The final panel webinar picks up from the quickly institutionalizing Symposium discussion of building an industrial base in applied social sciences and related technologies for CA and related capabilities to leverage from the private and non-government sectors. This year’s discussion is on “An Innovative Partnership with Hollywood and Valka-Mir on the Human Domain Matrix VR Simulation, Training Cross-Cultural Communications and Civil Engagement.” Association Vice President Lieutenant Colonel Arnel David facilitates this year’s science and technology discussants.

As always, the Symposium finale is the presentation of the five papers selected for publication by the Association of the United States Army Institute of Land Warfare in the seventh volume of the Civil Affairs Issue Papers. Issue Paper Committee Chairman Bruce B. Bingham, Brigadier General, U.S. Army Civil Affairs (Ret.) moderates.

The webinar audience will get to vote on the best paper presentation for a first-place prize of $1,000; second place of $500; and third place of $250. The audience can download summaries of the papers as read-aheads by clicking on each paper title.:

- Captain Scott Haviland, Maj David Cook, and Maj Don Newberry

- Master Sergeant Larry Lloyd

- Lieutenant Colonel Diana J. Parzik and Major Michael Scwhille

- Lieutenant Colonel Shafi Saiduddin and Mr. Robert Schafer

- Major Csaba Szabó and MSG Robert Nicholson

Following the vote tally and presentation of Issue Paper awards, there will be open-floor announcements and then closing remarks and Symposium adjournment.

Registration for the Civil Affairs Association’s annual fall Symposium from Monday-Wednesday, 5-7 October 2020 is free and for any or all parts of the full program.



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