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New Eunomia Journal

The CA Association Board is pleased to announce the launch of a new Eunomia Journal for our website.

The Eunomia Journal is an exciting development that aims to deliver content that is relevant to our members and community. Eunomia is another positive move to promote and amplify the voices and ideas of our members and partners.

Eunomia Journal Mission

The Civil Affairs Association's Eunomia Journal is published electronically at the liberty of the editorial board, with content provided by all Civil Affairs' components and partners. It will provide a forum for professional debate and discussion about the contemporary issues within the Civil Affairs Regiment, and promote the strategic use and understanding of CA by military commanders, policymakers, and partners through concise, innovative articles, podcasts and forum discussions.

We are now looking for content. Please share this PDF and spread the word.

The editorial team has a flat, streamlined submission and review process and with the help of an Experts Circle and senior mentors, the team will push for a healthy discourse to keep the community learning and growing. We welcome your submissions! Email: for any questions about Eunomia.

For those doing research, don’t forget to check out the Research Resources on the site.

The One CA Podcast team continues to put out some amazing podcasts with a diverse mix of interviews. Visit to see the latest podcasts and as always, let us know about anyone we should interview.

Have you registered for the 2020 CA Rountable in DC? There is still time. Click here or below to RSVP.



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