"How Peacebuilders Measure and Learn"

The Civil Affairs Asociation (CAA) Webinar Series on Peacebuilding Education continues.

CAA hosts Shaziya DeYoung and Saurav Upadhyay, Learning & Evaluation, Alliance for Peacebuilding

How do we measure trust between civilian populations and security forces? What ways to evaluate conflict management, peace, and stability programs have worked – or not – and what collaborative lessons can we draw from them? What can civil information managers and other military professionals learn from peacebuilding approaches to conflict/problem analysis, goal formation, baselines, adaptive monitoring, and incorporation of feedback loops to build a more holistic understanding of peace and conflict and a wider civil-military learning organization? Join Alliance for Peacebuilding Learning & Evaluation specialists Shaziya De Young and Saurav Upadhyay to explore these and other questions, including an introduction to AfP’s breakthrough Eirene Peacebuilding Database,™ so far with 3,381 indicators from 2,008 open-source datapoints worldwide. This is the third session of the opening series of Civil Affairs Association civil-military education webinars, Thursday, 19 November from 12:00-13:00 EST. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation. To register, go to the Civil Affairs Association Upcoming Events page.


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