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Full Agenda for the 2020 Civil Affairs Roundtable

This year’s Civil Affairs Roundtable on April 7th in Washington, D.C. promises a full agenda for the Civil Affairs Corps and its many partners. In addition to the release of the 2019-20 Civil Affairs Issue Papers that captures the unusually rich discussion of the fall Symposium, the Civil Affairs Proponent, civilian agency partners, other civil affairs stakeholders, and allies will update us on a number of changes and initiatives having critical impact on the Corps as it deliberates its future in the upcoming Civil Affairs Force Modernization Assessment.

We’ll also hear from Atlantic Council Senior Fellow and author of The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder Dr. Sean McFate on “Civil Affairs in a New Age of Unconventional Warfare.” Dr. McFate, who has appeared on many news programs, is also featured in a two-part OneCA Podcast. Bring your copies of his books to have signed!

We’ll also get a thorough update on the many new services and features available to Association members through the website, including the brand-new Eunomia Journal, “Job Opportunities,” and other sources.

Finally, the Corps will discuss and select the theme for the next annual discussion on the future of civil affairs at the Civil Affairs Symposium in Quantico, VA, 16-17 October.

As the Nation’s ”warrior-diplomats,” the CA Corps must modernize mission capacities across the competition continuum and full range of military operations to meet and adapt to changing service and Joint requirements as well as strategic imperatives.It must also foster a learning organization both within and beyond military command structures and the CA Corps. In addition to drawing on and reinforcing core competencies and capabilities better known and understood by supported commands at tactical and operational levels, the Corps must also seize opportunities to “harness collective influence” through national strategic initiatives such as the Stabilization Assistance Review and the Global Engagement Center. It must also help grow an industrial base to improve the CA state of the art through applied sciences and technology.

As the USACAPOC(A) Commanding General Major General Darrell Guthrie recently warned:

“We must become an adaptable, agile learning organization or we will be replaced by one that is.”


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