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Committee Selects Civil Affairs Issue Papers for Symposium

The Civil Affairs Issue Papers Committee has selected the five papers for presentation to close out the online Civil Affairs Symposium on “Building a Global Civil-Military Network” on Wednesday, 10 November. The authors will compete for audience ballots on cash awards per paper of: 1st prize, $1,000; 2nd prize, $500; and 3rd prize, $250. The papers include:

• “Maximum Support, Flexible Footprint: Civilian Applied Research Laboratories to Support the 38G Program”

- Doctor Hayden Bassett and Lieutenant Kate Harrell (USN)

• “Individualism vs. Collectivism: Civil Affairs and the Clash of National Strategic Cultures”

- Colonel Marco A. Bongioanni (USA)

• “Civil Affairs and Great Power Competition: Civil-Military Networking in the Gray Zone”

- Sergeant First Class Nicholas Kempenich Jr. (U SA)

• “Building a Global Civil-Military Network: Back to Basic Civil Affairs”

- Major Jim Munene and Staff Sergeant Courtney Mulhern (USA)

• “Innovation as a Weapons System”

- Major Giancarlo Newsome, Colonel Bradford Hughes, and Lieutenant Colonel Tyson Voelkel (USA)

These papers will also appear in the 2021-22 Civil Affairs Issue Papers, the eighth such volume, for release before the online Civil Affairs Roundtable next April.

For those papers that did not gain selection as Issue Papers, the Association offers two options to the authors of papers not selected. One is to have paper-based articles published in the Eunomia Journal on the Association website. Authors can look at the professional journals cited on the Publication Advisory Board webpage and see how a version of their paper can help mainstream civil affairs into the larger discussions of related Army, joint force, and national security issues.

Chaired by retired Brig. Gen. Bruce B. Bingham, the Committee also includes Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Kuehrs, Col. Caroline Pogge, Col. Leonard DeFrancisci, Col. (Ret.) Christopher Holshek, and Col. (Ret.) Larry Rubini. Holshek and Rubini also serve as the paper editors.

In addition to their comments, the authors will also have the benefit of audience feedback at the Symposium. Because their papers will be revised and edited right up until publication early next year, copies are not available until then. However, the authors have prepared one-page summaries of their papers below:

Bassett-Harrell 38G Applied Research Labs - Summary
Download PDF • 121KB

Bongioanni Individualism vs. Collectivism_Summary
Download PDF • 87KB

Kempenich Civil Affairs and Great Power Competition - Summary
Download PDF • 93KB

Munene-Mulhern Back to Basic Civil Affairs- Summary
Download PDF • 106KB

Newsome-Voelkel Innovation as a Weapon System One Page Summary
Download PDF • 92KB

To learn more about the Symposium and register, go here.


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