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Committee Selects 2023-24 Civil Affairs Issue Papers

The Civil Affairs Issue Papers Committee has selected the five papers for presentation to close out the Civil Affairs Conference on 8-10 December at Ft. Liberty, NC on “Campaigning and Civil Affairs.” To find out more about the Conference and register, go to the Conference registration page on the Association website.

The authors will compete for audience ballots on cash awards per paper of $1,000 for 1st prize, $500 for 2nd prize, and $250 for 3rd prize. The papers include:

  • “A Civil Affairs Campaigning Framework” by Major Nicholas Ashley

  • “The Digital Screenline: Economy of Force in Campaign Civil Reconnaissance” by Captain Wayne Culbreth

  • “An Ocean Between Us: Civil Affairs from Shore to Shore” by Major John M. Holmes

  • “Civil Affairs As The Premier Maneuver Force For Winning Without Fighting” by Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gregory Seese, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Rafael Linera, and Major (Ret.) Assad Raza

  • “Campaigning the Campaign Plan – Focusing on the Fundamentals at the Combatant Command by Assessing Civil Affairs Operations, Activities, and Investments” by Major J. David Thompson

These papers will also appear in the 2023-24 Civil Affairs Issue Papers, the 10th such

volume, for release before the online Civil Affairs Roundtable in April of 2024.

Chaired by retired Brig. Gen. Glenn A. Goddard, the Committee also includes Col. Caroline Pogge, Col. Tony Vacha, Col. (Ret.) Leonard DeFrancisci, Col. (Ret.), Christopher Holshek, Col. (Ret.) Dennis Cahill, Col. (Ret.) Larry Rubini, and Col. JohnPaul LeCedre. Holshek, Cahill, and Rubini also serve as the paper editors.

In addition to comments from the Committee, the authors will have the benefit of audience feedback at the Conference. Because their papers will be revised and edited right up until publication early next year, copies of the full papers will not be available until then. However, the Association will post one-page summaries of the papers next month.

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