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CA Roundtable in DC Cancelled

I would like to thank all those involved in the planning of our round table and those who were planning to contribute to our meeting as well as those who were going to attend. Your efforts and diligence is greatly appreciated.

In the interest of safety and due to other travel restrictions placed on invitees we will be unable to hold the physical gathering for the round table at this time.

We are working on alternatives as a substitute and will be communicating our future plans. Stay informed on the Eunomia Journal. For those who already paid, you can request a refund from our team by emailing or donate it to the One CA Podcast or Eunomia Journal.

Please continue to be sedulous in protecting yourself and your families .

Our professionals will solve this challenge that is facing the nation. We will be a stronger nation for it.

“Secure The Victory! “

Joe Kirlin

Colonel USA (ret)


The Civil Affairs Association


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