RESULTS - 2020 Eunomia Journal / Divergent Options Human Factors in 2035 Writing Contest

The Civil Affairs Association’s Eunomia Journal and Divergent Option ran a Writing Contest from April 7, 2020 to July 7, 2020 and as of this announcement all of the entries have been published.

On behalf of the Eunomia Journal and Divergent Options teams, we want to thank all of the writers who submitted entries to the contest. The quality of writing and innovative perspectives that examined the role of human factors in armed conflict and / or competition below levels of conflict within the world of 2035 were outstanding and enhanced the dialog of this important topic. The entries not only examined a wide range of critical topics, including virtual societal warfare, cognitive domain operations, and emerging tribalism but also presented a global perspective with entries analyzing nations ranging from Hungary to Afghanistan.

Eunomia Journal would like to thank the Divergent Options team, specifically Phil Walter, for their willingness to partner with us on this contest and help our newly established journal host our first contest, foster participation, and establish readership. Eunomia Journal and Divergent Options would not be viable platforms without their writers. As such, we are eternally grateful to all of our participants and hope you will write again for us in the future. All writings related to this contest can be found by clicking here, and the awards are as follows

First Place $250: Brandon White - “An Assessment of the Irrelevance of State Borders in 2035”

Second Place $150: Alexander L. Carter - “An Assessment of the U.S. Army's Civil Affairs' Capability to Provide Commanders with Improved Situational Awareness in Population-Centric Operations”

Third Place $100: Todd Schmidt - “Options to Wage Conflict in the Cognitive Domain”


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