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2020 Civil Affairs Symposium Report Posted

The report on the 2020 Civil Affairs Symposium on “Civil Affairs: A Force for Influence in Competition” has been posted.

This year’s meetings gathered over 700 registrants – by far the largest single Association event in decades. At the same time, the Association has now institutionalized four workshops representative of the critical constituencies of the Civil Affairs Corps – the CA proponent; the major CA command; non-commissioned officers; and junior leaders.

Meanwhile, this year’s panel webinars also facilitated a greater focus on increasingly important enduring issues such as gender considerations in civil affairs operations (CAO), Allied and multinational perspectives, and the need for a CA industrial base.

Among the major themes to emerge from the Symposium was from keynote speaker Lieutenant General (Ret.) Hooper, who talked extensively of CA’s critical role in one of the main objectives of the U.S. National Security and National Defense strategies; namely, to “strengthen alliances and attract new partners.”

The Report, which will also appear in Vol. 7 of the 2020-21 Civil Affairs Issue Papers in February, can be downloaded here.

Videos of the discussion are available on the Association’s Eunomia Journal YouTube page, while the presentations may be found in the Research Library on the Association website.



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