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2020 CA Symposium: Save the Date!

On the heels of a highly successful online Roundtable in April, the Civil Affairs Association will host an expanded version of its annual fall Symposium online from 5-8 October 2020. This year’s theme is “Civil Affairs: A Force for Influence in Competition” – the topic for the 2020-21 Civil Affairs Issue Papers, due August 28th.

The modular web-based event will begin on Monday, 5 October with keynote presentations, including Army and Marine speakers. Tuesday the 6th will see four workshops designed to enable direct input from the Civil Affairs Corps on matters of professional interest – a Civil Affairs Force Modernization Update - CA in Army Futures Command and Army Training and Doctrine Command Initiatives run by the Proponent at the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center & School; Civil Affairs Command Strategic Initiatives and Current Operations Updates run by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne); a Non-Commissioned Officer Forum to discuss the role of the CA NCO in multi-domain operations; and, a Civil Affairs Young Leaders Forum to discuss ways to enhance CA operational learning.

Strategic awareness for CA professionals continues on Wednesday the 7th with a series of panel talks on: interagency stabilization; Army CA doctrinal changes on gender and population engagement; Allied and multinational perspectives on civil-military engagement and influence; and building the CA industrial base to enhance influence capabilities.

Thursday morning will be the presentation of the five papers selected for publication by the Association of the United States Army Institute of Land Warfare in the seventh volume of the Civil Affairs Issue Papers. Participants will get to vote on the best paper presentation for a first-place prize of $1,000.

The Symposium will look at how the extended Civil Affairs Corps should go forward, in collaboration with its many partners, to help Army and Marine CA be more of a force for influence and competition in convergent Multi-Domain/Information Operations – now “Joint All-Domain Operations.” From the speakers, workshops, speakers, panel discussions, and Issue Papers, the Association and friends will enable the CA Corps and its partners digest the Symposiums findings and offer actionable policy and institutional ways ahead at the Roundtable in the Washington, D.C. area next spring.



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