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Packed Agenda at 2019 Symposium

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

A packed agenda awaits those attending the Civil Affairs Symposium this coming weekend in Tampa, FL, on 18-19 October.

Register online.

Starting on Friday, the workshops have expanded from one to three, with additions of a workshop on Reserve civil affairs integration issues, as well as a workshop dedicated to NCO-related matters.

There will be plenty of awards given out at the Corps dinner that night, including a return of Association Junior Officer, NCO, and Soldier of the Year awards.

The Saturday plenary session begins with a keynote presentation by Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle on the role of civil affairs in support of the Global Engagement Center as the military's primary capability to engage and influence populations, followed by a panel rich in cutting edge knowledge of science and technology related to CA.

Following the workshop reports, this year’s selection of Civil Affairs Issue Papers will compete for cash prizes through audience ballots.

For more, see the agenda and biography sheets on the Association website.

For more, see the agenda and biography sheet.


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