British 77th Brigade Coming to CA Symposium

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

The British Army's 77th Brigade and Stabilisation Unit will be represented at this year's 2019 CA Symposium in Tampa, FL from 18-20 October. There will also be allied partners from the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. Seats are filling up fast but there is still time to register, click here to reserve your seat.

Below is a Blog post by Lt Col Arnel P. David, Lt Col (Ret) Patrick James Christian, PhD, and Dr. Aleksandra Nesic, using storytelling to illustrate how the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, big data, augmented and enhanced reality, and deception detection algorithms could complement decision-making in future specialized engagements for the British Army and 77th Brigade. Their research is gaining more and more interest from organizations like DARPA and Dstl. The short article post [<5min read] was originally published in the Mad Scientist Blog here.

They will all be present at the Symposium in Tampa to further explain how game changing tech will enhance operations in the Human Domain and improve CA integration.

Mad Scientist Blog Post 175

RAF A400 Atlas / Source:  Flickr, UK MoD, by Andrew Linnett

It is 2028. Lt Col Archie Burton steps off the British A400-M Atlas plane onto the hard pan desert runway of Banku Airfield, Nigeria. This is his third visit to Nigeria, but this time he is the commander of the Engagement Operations Group – Bravo (EOG-B). This group of bespoke, specialized capabilities is the British Army’s agile and highly-trained force for specialized engagement. It operates amongst the people and builds indigenous mass with host nation security forces. Members of this outfit operate in civilian clothes and speak multiple languages with academic degrees ranging from anthropology to computational science.

RAF A400 Atlas / Source: Flickr, UK MoD, by Andrew Linnett