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Register for the 2019 Civil Affairs Roundtable

Registration is now open for the 2019 Civil Affairs Roundtable, 8:00-15:00 Tuesday, 2 April 2019 at the National Guard Armory Conference in Washington, D.C. To register, click here.

This year’s Roundtable will conclude the seminal discussion of “Optimizing Civil Affairs” at last fall’s Symposium at Ft. Bragg, NC and in the 2018-19 Civil Affairs Issue Papers, to be published before the Roundtable.

At the Roundtable, the discussion shifts to a more granular identification of DOTMLPF-P [doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership, education, and policy] pathways to guide CA modernization and continuous investment in an innovative and adaptive force well networked in planning and operational relationships and persistently engaged and aligned regionally to facilitate political-military goals and objectives. This is especially regarding the Stabilization Assistance Review, as well as the recent capabilities-based assessment guided by the new Civil Affairs: 2025 and Beyond White Paper.

In addition to the speakers and panel discussions, attending members and friends of the Regiment will conclude by looking at how to advance civil affairs at a more ambitious, multilateral scale over the next year’s cycle.

As always, in order to maximize official travel for uniformed members of the Regiment, the Roundtable immediately precedes the U.S. Army Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Peace & Stability Operations Training & Education Workshop, 3-5 April 2019, at Carlisle Barracks, PA. For more on that event, go to link here.

Look for the agenda by mid-February. By the end of the month, look for Volume 5 of the Issue Papers on the Association website. Paper copies will be available at the Roundtable.

We look forward to seeing you at the next step in our continuous journey to shape the future of civil affairs this spring!

Join CAA!!

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