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Junior Officer: A Community of Leaders

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The Center for Junior Officers

Civil affairs junior officers! Are you looking for a professional space to connect with like-minded leaders about improving yourself and making your unit more effective?

Check out Junior Officer (JO) (, your dedicated space for professional development.

What’s JO?

JO is an online space dedicated to the professional development of Army junior officers and the organizations they lead. In JO, junior officers can find a wide array of leader development resources, including:

  • The JO Blog: Original articles on topics relevant to junior officers. New content from junior officers is welcome!

  • Document database: A repository of professional documents authored by other junior officers and shared to help others.

  • CCLPDs: Mobile-friendly leader professional development (LPD) modules with short videos, articles, and discussion questions.

  • (Coming Soon) Online Leader Challenge: Put yourself in the shoes of a junior officer facing a tough dilemma with no clear right answer.

  • Online Forums: A members-only space where junior officers can share ideas and insights.

Junior Officer

Army CJO Facebook Page


Officers and NCOs discuss the challenges when strong-willed leaders clash in small units.

Officers and NCOs discuss the challenges when strong-willed leaders clash in small units.

Online is Great – What about Face to Face?

For organizations looking to professionally develop their junior officers in person, the Center for Junior Officers will provide a custom training package. Options include:

  • Leader Challenge: Video-based leader development program with discussion.

  • Great Teams Exercise: Share and learn from others' experience on a great team.

  • Dog Tag Exercise: Build a visual plot of professional experience to reveal new aspects and talents of your team members.

  • 3rd Generation Leadership Talk: A concept that focuses on impacting leaders who have yet to come into service.

  • Company-level Leader Interviews: Share your experience with a leadership challenge.

  • Leader/ Visual Metaphor Exercise: Identify current values reflected in the organization and discuss future development.

  • Leadership Psychology Talk: Presentation on a wide range of topics related to the psychology of leadership.

See you on JO!

The Center for Junior Officers is an officially sponsored Army unit that supports junior officers across the force. To find out more, contact us at


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