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At 100, Civil Affairs Is Coming of Age - Army Magazine

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The Civil Affairs Association has posted an article in the November issue of the Association of the United States Army’s Army magazine – just in time for the Civil Affairs Centennial and Symposium.

The article is intended help members of the Regiment explain the values-added of civil affairs especially to Army leaders, but also to Joint commands, foreign policy and national security policymakers, members of Congress, and the media and public.

To that end, it is also designed to as a companion handout to the Association’s new briefing and notes, released on November 1st and also available for download on the Association website.

Among its key lines of argument is explaining how civil affairs is a national strategic capability to consolidate military and security gains into political and civil outcomes – before, during, and after decisive military action. Another relates to the many advantages of the Regiment’s diversity.

“Given the nature of conflict and competition the Army must contend with, civil affairs’ part of the Army’s strategic roles is only coming of age,” the article points out. “There is still much unfinished business in maturing it into a full-fledged member of the Army family.

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