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New Book on Human Domain, Coauthored by Civil Affairs Officer

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

"Over the long term, we cannot kill or capture our way to victory. Non-military efforts – these tools of persuasion and inspiration – were indispensable to the outcome of the defining ideological struggle of the 20th century. They are just as indispensable in the 21st century – and perhaps even more so." — Robert Gates, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

This book is set to be released on 18 June, 2018 and is a must read for CA professionals. In the book there are references to successful CA interventions from past deployments as well as a host of other useful ideas relevant to present day discourse.


Initial reviews by respected scholars and authors.


From John Nagl, author of Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife and Knife Fights:A Memoir of Modern War

"In Military Strategy for the 21st Century: People, Connectivity, and Influence, four authors who have devoted their careers to the security of the United States share their thoughts about the evolving character of war in an increasingly interconnected, networked world—and suggest innovations that will make us safer and more capable. Highly recommended."


From Frank G. Hoffman, author of Mars Adapting: Learning in War

In Military Strategy for the 21st Century, Army veterans and scholars offer a fresh approach to strategic and operational art rooted in increased connectivity and mastery of a new domain of competition—the critical human domain. A unique blend of experience and reflection, highly recommended to anyone interested in being successful in 21st-century conflict.

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