Thank you to all Our Veterans

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

On this crisp 25 degree morning, on behalf of all our members I wish express our thanks and gratitude for all that you veterans have done and all you continue to due for this great nation. We all should just take a moment today to remember what our Veterans have done and be thankful for their sacrifices.

Be it gaining our freedom in during the battles of Saratoga and Princeton or crossing the Delaware on Christmas day and winning the Battle of Trenton and ultimately winning our Independence, protecting the innocent during the nations frontier battles, surviving the intense battles of the Wilderness and Gettysburg during the Civil War, fighting in the trenches along The Maginot line, fighting in Normandy on the beaches in Europe or in the Pacific during the island campaigns in Okinawa and Iwo Jima, securing the Korean peninsula against great odds, sacrificing in the rice paddies in Chu Chi and Hamburger hill in Vietnam, to protect the Democratic freedoms of others, freeing the hostages in Iran, protecting refugees from Cuba, freeing students in Grenada, upholding justice in Panama, and Iraq during Desert Shield/ Desert storm, providing disaster relief during storms in the Pacific, Caribbean and at home ,providing protection for Haitian migrants and ultimately freeing Haiti for Democracy, providing for stability in Eastern Europe in Bosnia/ Herzegovina , the ultimate right to choose freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Africa, taking down terrorists in Pakistan, drug interdictions in Latin America, and again providing relief during storms in Louisiana , Florida , Texas, and Puerta Rico.

For those retired vets thanks for what you did and continue to do. To our future veterans continue the mission, we are a grateful nation for your service and the sacrifice you and your family continue to make.

“Secure the Victory”

Joe Kirlin