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CA Paper Finalists

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

The Civil Affairs Association Issue Papers Committee, chaired by Brig. Gen. (ret.) Bruce Bingham, has selected the five finalists to appear in the 2017-18 Civil Affairs Issue Papers:

  • “Planners and Operators: Civil Affairs Forces Relevant to the Future Operating Environment” by Major Arthur Zuehlke, et al., 2nd Civil Affairs Group, USMC

  • “Engineering Peace: Translating Tactical Success into Political Order” by Lieutenant Colonel Arnel David and Ms. Eliza Urwin

  • “Good Governance and the Counterstate: Consolidating Unconventional Gains" by Lieutenant Colonel Steve Lewis

  • “Beyond Hearts & Minds: Transforming the Civil Affairs Regiment to Consolidate Gains in 21st Century Warfare" by Jarrett Redman, Sean Acosta, and Valor Breez

  • “Consolidating Gains through Political Warfare: Toward a Unified Theory of Civil Affairs” by Major Shafi Saiduddin.

The authors will present their papers on the afternoon of the 3rd of November at this year's Civil Affairs Symposium to compete for cash prizes on a ballot vote cast by Symposium attendees.

The papers may not be seen until they are published shortly before the Civil Affairs Roundtable held in Washington next spring. Excerpts of the papers, however, will appear on the Civil Affairs Association website in February 2018.

For more information on the Symposium, including registration and hotel reservations [special rate of $99 until 20 October] (at the conference rate until October 12th), as well as to download previous volumes of the Civil Affairs Issue Papers, go the the Civil Affairs Association events here.

Congratulations to the finalists and hearfelt thanks to the Committee for its hard work in reviewing and selecting the papers!


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