Briefing Slide Notes


25 August 2014

Note: These briefing notes can be used by Association members, in addition to background information on specific slides in the Strategic Communications briefing, as material to write articles,letters to elected officials, partners, and potential advocates and donors.


Slide 1 – Title Slide. This is a strategic communications briefing for the Civil Affairs Association, designed to help explain and promote advocacy for Civil Affairs and the Association. It may be used in part or as a whole, depending on the purpose and the audience.


Slide 2 – Agenda. While this is the basic structure of the presentation, it may be modified to suite the interests of specific audiences and emphasize messages appropriate for those audiences.


Slide 3 – Mission & Objectives. The Civil Affairs Association is a veterans organization established under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(19) and is open to all present and former members of the U.S Armed Forces; college ROTC and academy cadets/midshipmen; or descendants of individuals reviously mentioned, who have an interest which focuses on the activities United States Military’s Civil Affairs community.


Our members represent all aspects of our National community, some currently serving in the Armed Forces and others who have moved on to civilian or government positions throughout the country.


The Civil Affairs Association encourages potential members, civilian and military members from government, non-government, academic, and private sector communities of interest in the U.S. and other countries to consider joining or sponsoring the Association’s activities in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.


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